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    The Economist on Equality & the monarchy: Proposed new rules would give daughters the same rights as sons

    There’s something both amusing and pathetic about the idea of updating an anachronism. It is absurd and oxymoronic to “equalize” or “modernize” a monarchy. The preference of male successors is not the only outdated aspect of the monarchy! #FAIL. How about a real advancement - get rid of the monarchy entirely. Let them run a theme park -out of their own pockets. “Equality and the monarchy” are fundamentally mutually incompatible. Why do we even have monarchies at all? There is no equality until every citizen can aspire to become head of state, if you need help on how to get rid of a monarchy confer with the Russians or the French. It really is ridiculous that in the 21st century we would still have any sort of “monarchy.” -you are about 362 years overdue on this item. Bringing sexual equality to the monarchy is the equivalent of installing Wi-Fi in an abacus. Enough of the prince, princess, queen and king games. It’s not the middle ages. Or is it? #Feudalism #NeoSlavery And why the hell does England still “rule” over other countries? Those other countries need to #StopBeingSlaves. o_O

    From The Economist:

    "Darling, there’s a tiny little succession-reform bill on the way."

    It is doubtless a coincidence, but on October 12th, one month after the leak of a Downing Street memo fretting about David Cameron’s need to reach out to women voters, the prime minister unveiled proposals to change royal succession laws so that a first-born daughter to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would accede to the throne ahead of any younger brothers. The announcement capped a stream of female-friendly policy announcements, including calls for more women on company boards and new guidelines to shield children from online pornography and sexual images in outdoor advertising near schools.

    The idea of tweaking centuries-old royal succession rules has been raised by previous governments, but has always been shelved on grounds of complexity. Britain cannot change the rules alone, but must seek support from the 15 other realms of which Elizabeth II is queen.

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